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The Best Four Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubber is a good device that helps you save a lot of time and labor. It efficiently scrubs your floors in a matter of few minutes. As a result, your floors are clean and get a shiny, polished look. You can find a variety of scrubbers in today’s market, each designed to have exclusive features to suit different applications. Here are a few of them enabling you to select an appropriate machine to suit your requirements.

hoover floormate

Floor scrubbers from Hoover are quite popular among householders. Most of the reviewers rate them well. There are various models of Hoover scrubbers. Their model H3044is an all purpose machine which you can employ for washing, vacuuming and drying floors. It comes with two separate brushes for grating and spin scrubbing. These can be interchanged. Its dual tank feature allows you to use clean water while mopping the floor. The other model F4300 is meant for dry and wet cleaning only. It may also be employed for buffing, scrubbing and polishing. You can also shampoo your carpets using this. It comes with one tank only with a four tools package to facilitate scrubbing. It costs less than $200.

Koblenz P1800

Koblenz P1800 with twin power brushes is designed for commercial applications, though you can use it for cleaning floors of your home. It comes loaded with the usual accessories needed for floor care. Its T-shaped handle makes the grip comfortable and keeps it stable. Its operation is very quiet. With a price range of $170-200, it comes with a warranty of one year.

Pullman Holt scrubber

Pullman Holt scrubber is an efficient machine for cleaning, scrubbing and polishing any kind of hard surface and carpets too. It’s a powerful machine that can easily be operated by one hand. The scrubber is designed to work on wooden floors, polished marble and tiles etc. It allows you to get rid of stubborn dirt conveniently and quickly. It includes two scrub brushes, and the usual cleaning solutions and supplies. It has two microfiber pads, while there are four felt pads for wooden floors. For cleaning of wider carpet areas it has two bonnets.

The Award Winning Floor Scrubber

Scooba 350

And finally, we have Scooba 350, an award winning scrubber offered by iRobots. This machine can prepare, scrub, wash and dry up floors of up to 500 square feet in one go. It employs clean solution for scrubbing and washing hardwood and tile or linoleum floors. Using this scrubber, you can easily clean areas under the chairs, cabinets and tables, which are difficult to approach otherwise. You may use vinegar, water or Clorox cleaning solution. It comes with replacement brushes and is warranted for one year. You’ll find the price affordable.

Hoover Floor Mate Scrubber Review

With the 15-inch cleaning path and dual motor system, Hoover floor scrubber is revolutionary all-in-one cleaner that can be used to vacuum dry debris, as well as wet-clean and squeegee-dry most hard-floor surfaces including ceramic tile, sealed hardwood, marble, vinyl, and laminate. Quickly switch between cleaning options using the EZ Select dial. Exclusive Spin Scrub brushes–seven in all–gently and safely wet-scrub and buff hard floors, plus they pop out for rinsing clean. The Spin Scrub brushes can be interchanged with the grout brushes with specially designed bristles for cleaning tile grout on large surfaces.

The spin scrub is offered with one year manufacturer’s warranty and costs around $165.00 if you buy it from of the online retailers.

· All-in-one cleaning system vacuums, washes, and dries hard-floor surfaces
· 2-motor system; EZ Select dial for switching between cleaning options
· Spin Scrub and grout brush; separate tanks for clean solution and dirty water
· 13-inch cleaning surface; fingertip trigger control; fold-down handle
· Measures 45 by 15-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
· Cleans all types of surfaces
even Ceramic Tile, Sealed Hardwood, Marble, Vinyl and Laminate.
· Removable Spin Scrub™ Brushes
No need to scrub on your hands and knees. Exclusive Hoover® Spin Scrub™ brushes do all the work for you. They gently and safely wet-scrub and buff hard floors, plus they pop
· Folding Handle
For easy assembly and compact storage


EZ Select Dial:

EZ Select Dial to vacuums, wash or dry your hard floor surfaces in your home. The first vacuum-wash-dry cleaning system specially designed to clean most hard-floor surfaces. Switching between cleaning options is a snap with the EZ Select dial. The Hoover Floor MATE™ can be used to both vacuum dry debris and wet clean non-carpeted hard floor surfaces like vinyl, tile and sealed hardwood. By eliminating the need for a mop, bucket, broom, dustpan, and floor steamer, the Floor MATE™ takes the work out of housework!

Dual Tanks:

Stop cleaning your floors with dirty water! With conventional mopping, you dip the mop back into a bucket of dirty water and put it on the floor again. The Floor MATE’S™ dual-tank design keeps the clean water and the dirty water separate, so you never put dirty water back on your floor.

Easy Storage:

The vacuum is very light Folding Handle for easy assembly and compact storage and also consists of a caddy for all cleaning attachments. It provides extra comfort and control over all accessories which are attached to vacuum and there is no need of locating all parts all around the house before use.

Two Motor Designs:

A powerful dual motor design utilizes one motor to create powerful suction and a second to drive the multiple brush system, providing excellent cleaning power for all your hard floor surfaces.

The Multiple Brush System provides outstanding wet cleaning performance for this home floor scrubber due to the spinning action of the six counter-rotating brushes. The rotating brushes safely power-scrub all hard-floor surfaces. The brushes self-adjust with the surface of the floor enabling even cleaning of vinyl, ceramic, stone, laminates, marble and sealed hardwoods.

Removable Brushes:
· Taking care of the brushes is a snap. Simply remove the brushes from the cleaner and rinse them off with water. Now the Floor MATE is ready to work when needed.

Wet Pickup:
· Use the Floor MATE™ to quickly clean up spills and dry your hard-floor surfaces. Simply move the brush control switch to “Wet/Dry Pickup” and move the Floor MATE™ over the spill.

Front Mounted Floor Drying Squeegee:
· During wet pickup, the front mounted squeegee removes cleaning solution and spills, leaving the floor squeegee dry on the final pass.

Removable Squeegee:
Cleaning the squeegee couldn’t be easier. Simply unsnap the squeegee from the Floor MATE™ and rinse.
· The Spin scrub also comes equipped with a telescoping wand and a swivel head attachment to clean hard to reach areas. This feature allows you to easily clean small, hard to reach areas, such as behind the toilet. The telescoping wand extends to about 8 feet.

Hoover Floor Mate Recommendations:

It assembles very quickly. You really don’t even need the instructions. I did have to look at the instructions to figure out which of the two brushes were for the lino/vinyl floor. I used it on my linoleum kitchen and laundry room floors. It took a few minutes to get used to. You can’t use this thing like you would when you vacuum. You have to go slow and let the scrubbers do their work.

You’ll be amazed at the dirt the Floor Mate will pick up from floors you thought were already clean. Another thing I really like is the fact that it sucks the water off the floor right away – my floors are always in use (busy household, lots of little feet), so I can’t afford to wait half an hour for the floor to dry. With this feature they’re dry in about 5 minutes.

Nothing is going to get your floor as clean as good old’ hand washing on your hands and knees. But who is willing to do that anymore? This machine is a reasonable tradeoff between convenience and efficiency.

I wish there were a little feature like a light of some sort to help you see water. Don’t tilt the machine with the solution in it still…it will leak all over. I learned that the hard way when I was trying to switch brushes mid-way and left the solution tanks inside. This may be an electrical hazard too, so be careful! Also, make sure your pieces mentioned in the manual are actually IN THE BOX. My box arrived from Wal-Mart without an extension wand. I had to call Hoover, and they were great.

All About Automatic Floor Scrubbers!

The first choice of professional cleaners for efficient cleaning of nay premises is automatic floor scrubbers, which they employ for quick and effective cleaning of places like warehouses, schools, hospitals, large stores, factories and schools etc.

Depending upon the nature of job and the area to be cleaned you could get a compacted walk-behind vacuum scrubber or employ a large industrial rider. Automatic scrubbers are available with varying scrub paths of 17-43 inches and even more. These may be battery operated or work on the main supply and offer easy maneuverability. There is a range of scrub heads available for the purpose of cleaning.

automatic floor scrubber

Here’s a list of some of the brands of automatic floor scrubbers

# Azteck
# Cleanfreak
# Clarke
# Kent-Euroclean
# Minuteman
# Nilfisk-Advance
# NSS Wrangler
# Pullman-Holt
# Tomcat

You’ll find the information below of great help in finalizing your requirements of a new or used floor scrubber.

Tips On Buying Automatic Scrubbers Online

Whether you are buying a machine for the first time or are already experienced in using floor machines, you will find these tips useful when buying a floor machine online:

Tip #1 You are most likely to find better deals online than buying from a store in your area. I have been in this business of maintenance and cleaning for more than fourteen years and many of my best deals for cleaning machines came online. At times, I have observed that in case of automatic scrubbers for floor cleaning, the online prices are almost fifty percent of those quoted by local suppliers.
Tip #2 It’s important to ask questions, especially when you are buying used equipment. Seek clarification and confirmation of any ambiguous term and try to assess what will the shipping expenses and mode of transporting the machine. Most often automatic scrubbers are dispatched by truck, but if you have arrangements for picking up the equipment from the transport company, you can reduce the cost of transportation.
Tip #3 Opt to buy batteries for the scrubber locally. Buying from your local areas saves you the expense of transporting these batteries which are very heavy. Try checking at Sam’s Club and you may find very good batteries. At times, you may not be in position to buy batteries separately when you are considering buying a used machine.
Tip #4 Buy your machine from a reputed seller. Personally, I would recommend buying from Ebay as it has a good feedback system and safeguards you from any fraud if you purchase using PAYPAL. You can also buy from other independent online companies with a good reputation that offers some options for machines, but in any case you must finalize and confirm all the issues before hand.

Floor Scrubbers – Walk Behind Units

Image of the Tennant T2 retail

I found out that Ebay offers some of the best deals for used as well new automatic scrubbers. On certain occasions I found the prices to be almost fifty percent low on eBay, compared to those of local janitorial firms. That difference easily covers more than the shipping expenses.

Floor Scrubbers – Ride On Units

ride on scrubber

In case you are thinking on the lines of buying a floor scrubber, you should prefer ride-on units as they save your time, thus delivering better productivity and save you the bother of walking along the machine. Whichever way you look at it these models of machines work out very economical. As they are not very wide, you can approach narrow spaces. Moreover, these are fun to use and offer better productivity while saving the operator from fatigue.

Here are three quick reviews for your information:

A New Advance 17” Floor Scrubber

Though it’s small and can approach narrow spots, it’s big enough to quickly finish your job. the Prolene automatic scrubber with 17 inches brush can complete the job of a big scrubber in almost the same amount of time. It comes with a built in battery charger, thus dispensing with the need of dragging a battery charger along with. The ergonomic design of the handle makes the job very convenient.

The Minuteman 20” Floor Scrubber

This is a solid all round powerful machine. It features on Amazon too. The MINUTEMAN Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber is big enough to handle most jobs in a reasonable length of time. This can be used for scrubbing, stripping and buffing of any kind of floor. It has a 24 volt battery that lasts for two to three hours, depending on the nature of job.

A New Ride-On Scrubber From MSR Sauber

This is an ideal machine for any big job. Though The MSR Sauber is sufficiently large for handling big jobs, it can fit in an area of thirty inches. It works fifty percent faster, compared to a walk behind model. You can strip, scrub or polish the floors easily.